We're open as normal and following health guidelines. All stores accepting summer clothing. Visit our new Takapuna store at 95 Hurstmere Rd. See you soon!

Welcome to Recycle Boutique


Account set up

When you first drop off your clothing we set up an account for you on our online ‘Consignor Access System’.

We then send you an email from “Consignor Access,” prompting you to activate your account and set a new password. Once your account is activated you’ll be able to view your account online via our website, by clicking on Consignor Access and selecting the store you dropped off at.

Viewing your items

Once your items have been processed (priced and hung up in store) they will be visible in your account in the ITEMS tab.

Any items not visible in your account have not been accepted and will need to be collected within 7 days from the start date stated on your account (if you chose to collect them rather than donate them to charity).

Your items will have a start and expiry date. The expiry date is 7 weeks from your start date and is the final day your clothing will be for sale in Recycle Boutique. On the expiry date any unsold items will be sent to an outlet store that donates to charity.

If your clothing has sold, the status will change to “sold” instead of “active” and any money owing will be totaled and shown in the payout box on your home page or DASHBOARD. You can see all sold items and the break-down of charges on the ACTIVITY page.


Balances under $150 must be picked up in store in either cash or via eftpos. Balances over $150 can be made by bank transfer - please contact our staff in-store to arrange this. Please note some stores may have different thresholds for cash payments.

Forgotten password or log in details

If you’ve forgotten your password follow the prompts online and you’ll be sent a new one. If you’ve forgotten your log in details completely; then give the store a call or email us and we’ll look you up on the system.

Trouble accessing the system

Sometimes people have trouble getting in to the system, and the page just keeps refreshing. This is because some browsers, often on mobiles, block access. Try using a different browser (chrome or firefox) as opposed to safari.

Thank you for selling with us!


Recycle Boutique is a second-hand clothing company where you can buy and sell designer and vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. We sell clothes on your behalf - so you can recycle your wardrobe and make some money at the same time.

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